Our projects


Current companies and project in realization

Gas bar

Widjikiwe corp has acquired Petro-Canada’s service station and is planning a full upgrade in 2019.

Ancestral Village Museum

The Ancestral Village and Museum business plan was completed in 2018. Funding for these projects is approved with the various levels of government and the Timiskaming First Nation Band Council. Construction is expected to begin in 2019.

TFN Construction corp

The new construction company TFN Construction was set up in 2018 in partnership with Construction Benoit Doyon. Already several projects have been completed and several others are in progress.

Future projects

Future projects

that are opportunities to be developed with partners.


Amusement Center

Complex presenting video games, games of chance, virtual reality, improved reality, in youth and adult section.


Mining subcontractor

Timiskaming First Nation is already in discussion with mining promoters in Témiscamingue who wish to work with Aboriginal communities. Some workers in the community already have work experience as a miner and identifying a partner could allow for the creation of a mining contractor at Timiskaming First Nation.


Hydro-Electric projetct(s)

Timiskaming First Nation could join or promote the development of mini hydropower plants in or near its territory.



The logical follow-up to the development of the ancestral village and the museum is the construction of a hotel along the Outaouais River on the other side of the 101.


Forest sector

Several opportunities will be studied in the coming months in the wider forest sector:
Deforestation, cleaning, crushing, Lumbering, transport of wood in length, bioenergy, forest bioproducts, Silviculture


Manufacturing of housing components

Manufacturing of components such as floor structures, wall structures, roof structures, kitchen and bathroom cabinets, moulding, doors, landscaping, plumbing, etc;